Tibet Matters: We hear from sponsors Carole and Neil, and Tenzin tells us about life after being sponsored

Sponsoring has been such a significant and rewarding part of our lives

Carole, Karma, Tenzin and Neil

We (Carole and Neil) began sponsoring 12 years ago – Tenzin and Choekyi from 2011, and Karma from 2016. Over the years, we kept in touch with them through letters, emails, photos and visits to Nepal.

In 2013, we met Choekyi and Tenzin in Pokhara, and in 2018, Tenzin in Kathmandu. You might remember reading about these trips in previous issues of Tibet Matters!

Karma 2019

All three have achieved success. Choekyi is furthering his Buddhist studies in Mundgod Monastery in south India. Karma completed her nursing degree in India and is back working in her home community, Tashi Palkhiel.

Last year we booked a trek in Nepal – a perfect opportunity to see Tenzin and Karma in Tashi Palkhiel. Tenzin gave us a tour that Karma joined, meeting us for the first time. It was gratifying to see how confident and relaxed Tenzin was in her official capacity and that she had already made her mark in the community.

We spent the evening at Tenzin’s parents’ home in nearby Tashi Ling where we shared momos, tukpa, butter tea, lots of laughs and memories of our last meeting nine years ago!

With Tenzin’s family

As a reward for her achievements,Tenzin joined us for three days in Chitwan National Park, a completely new experience for her. We revelled in luxury accommodation, superb food, animal jeep rides, bird-spotting walks and a sunset punt on the river. A perfect end to a wonderful visit.

Sponsoring has been such a significant and rewarding part of our lives. Surely we will visit Nepal again soon!

Tenzin, Neil and Carole

Here, Tenzin tells you her story:

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration, I worked at a paragliding shop in Pokhara for two years. I learned about the business and met paragliders from different corners of the world, before I moved to Bangalore. There, I completed my masters in Commerce (Finance and Accounting) which wouldn’t have been possible without the generous help from Carole and Neil who I consider no less than my parents.

I then learned of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)’s training course in Dharamsala. I had never been to Dharamsala before so I was really excited. I never imagined the place would have so many exciting things in store for me. Dharamsala was a big turning point for me.

In January 2022 I had an examination and interview for a job at the CTA. There were around 70 applicants for only six vacancies. I thought it would be impossible to make it, but, to my surprise, I got a call one day congratulating me on being selected. For one second, I couldn’t believe I had made it. It was literally the most exciting moment my first official job as CTA staff.

I am now the accountant and secretary at Tashi Palkhiel Tibetan Settlement, Pokhara. We also have two remote settlements, Mustang and Dhorpatan, under our jurisdiction. As a secretary, my job entails all clerical work, and as an accountant, I look after the accounts of all three settlements, including the kindergarten, primary school, hostel and carpet showroom. So it’s always a busy day at work. My most recent work was to visit remote Tibetan communities. The settlements were reached by 4x4s and on horseback, an exciting new experience for me!

As busy as it might get, I feel blessed to work as a member of the CTA staff and play my small part to serve my community.

If Carole and Neil’s sponsorship journey has inspired you, turn the page to read about two Tibetans whose lives you can change with the gift of sponsorship!

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