Our Approach

Through a holistic approach, we help Tibetans – both in Tibet and in exile – build healthier, stronger and more prosperous communities, and support them to recover when emergencies hit. We do this by focusing on the five key areas listed below.

By sharing our resources, technical expertise and guidance with a network of partners, we build their capacity to deliver lasting change and equip communities with the skills they need to drive progress for themselves.


We know that with the right support, the next generation of Tibetans can build self-sufficient, sustainable and bright futures.

That’s why we’re working with Tibetan-led groups to improve access to:

  • early learning and literacy
  • extracurricular activities to develop skills, creativity and self-awareness
  • life skills and practical training opportunities
  • advice and support for higher education
  • parental support and advice.

Healthcare and Clean Water

Inadequate and limited access to healthcare has led to higher rates of disease, illness, and avoidable deaths among the Tibetan population.

We work with Tibetans to build healthier and stronger communities by:

  • improving access to quality healthcare,
  • increasing knowledge of preventative actions,
  • raising awareness about stigmatised issues,
  • and helping aspiring Tibetan healthcare professionals get the training and support they need to find work and flourish in their roles.

Skills Training and Sustainable Livelihoods

By providing the necessary training, tools and support, we help Tibetans create secure, sustainable and fulfilling livelihoods and achieve their true potential. We help those in rural areas grow more food and use their resources more productively. We also support young Tibetans in towns with careers advice and support to find jobs.

Armed with their new skills and knowledge, the individuals we help will build continuously developing, strong communities, become agents of change and inspire the next generation.

Understanding of Rights and How to Apply Them

Tibetans living in exile either don’t have any rights or do not know what their rights are in their host countries. This is worsened by the geo-political climate and its ever-changing influence, leaving the rights of Tibetans in exile unclear and unreliable.

We work with Tibetans to improve their understanding of their rights and how to apply them. This includes improving access to information about the rules and procedures for their legal documents and civil rights, as well as legal help, the welfare system and other legal norms of their host countries.

Language and Culture Preservation

Tibetan language, culture, religion have been systematically wiped out in Tibet and are being diluted in host countries, resulting in the potential extinction of a whole culture, heritage and tradition.

We work with Tibetans to improve access to Tibetan language learning materials, as well as supporting initiatives that preserve Tibetan culture and traditions through food and the arts.

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