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You can make a huge difference for as little as £1 a day (£30 per month or £360 per year). Through sponsorship you will bring security, comfort and hope, and build a lasting connection with your sponsored child, elder or little monk. The choice is yours.

Below you can find out more about the Tibetans we support and what you will give and receive as a sponsor under Tibet Relief Fund’s sponsorship programme.

“an extraordinarily rewarding experience”

Carole and Neil, Sponsors

Sponsor a child

By sponsoring a Tibetan child, you will ensure your child receives the vital early years and secondary education they need to grow and develop. Whilst some families still make the arduous journey from Tibet into neighbouring India and Nepal, a great many children are now born and raised in Tibetan settlements within the exiled communities. It’s important to Tibetan families that their children have a Tibetan education. Sponsorship is crucial to enable this. For children living in more remote settlements, they are often sent to boarding schools from a young age and return to their families throughout the long winter break. In this case, your child will have a loving home away from home with ‘house parents’, along with dedicated teaching staff and all the classroom resources they need to acquire a modern yet culturally rich Tibetan education.

Sponsor an elder

By sponsoring a Tibetan elder, you will ensure they get to live out the rest of their life comfortably supported by attentive care givers. Many Tibetan elders speak of harrowing ordeals of having to flee Tibet, leaving loved ones behind and starting new lives in countries completely unknown to them. As exiled senior citizens, your sponsorship will ensure a Tibetan elder can live out their final years in peace, security and comfort and be reassured they will be well cared for.

Sponsor a little monk

By sponsoring a little monk, you will ensure he’s able to gain both a secular and Tibetan Buddhist education. Our partnered monastic school is based in Mustang, a remote and harsh area high in the Nepalese Himalayas, close to the Tibetan border. Through the extreme winter months, the little monks come down to school near Pokhara. It currently houses over 65 students aged between six to 16 years old. Your sponsorship will support the very fabric of Tibetan ideals, heritage and identity, ensuring the Tibetan way life is never forgotten.

What will I receive as a sponsor?

  • Our sponsorship welcome pack with information about the programme, Tibetans we support and the culture and traditions your sponsorship will help keep alive
  • A mini-biography of your sponsored individual
  • A photograph of your sponsored individual
  • Subscription to our biannual magazine, Tibet Matters
  • An annual letter, photo or card from your sponsored child or monk. If you sponsor an elder, a letter will be written on your elder’s behalf by their carer or the head of their care home

Community support (Silent sponsorship)

If you would prefer to support a school, monastery, nunnery or care home rather than an individual, you can also make a donation of your choice to a community through our Silent Sponsorship programme.

How your sponsorship money is spent

Unlike other sponsorship programmes, 85% of your gift will be sent overseas directly to the agency that is caring for your child, elder, monk or nun. It is not used for any other purpose. The remaining 15% helps us to run the programme in the UK, raise awareness and find new sponsors.

Find out more

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Our sponsorship programme first began in the 1960’s supporting just a handful of children who had fled to India and Nepal with their parents after the forceful occupation of Tibet.

Now, more than 50 years later we have expanded our sponsorship programme to include elders, monks and students taking their first steps after leaving school.

We work with ten partner agencies in India and Nepal. Our experience over the years has developed strong relationships with these agencies. We also provide them grants and other support, such as comfortable furniture for the community hall in a care home, clean water and water deliveries to another, cameras and training for a school photographic club, football kits for an inter school competition and much more.

Over the last 60 years Tibet Relief Fund has helped thousands of Tibetans of all ages achieve independence, security and futures with real choices.

We do hope you will join our programme today!

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