13 years supporting our work with Nangchen Old People’s Home in Kathmandu

For the past 13 years, you have supported our work with Nangchen Old People’s Home in Kathmandu, which provides a safe home for elderly Tibetans in exile.

Our focus is on addressing the home’s critical needs, like providing a supply of clean water, emergency medical support, and a fair salary for the caretaker. Thanks to you, residents also receive a stipend each year, which goes towards their daily living expenses.

We were very excited when Thupten, our Programmes Manager, and Penpa, our Project Liaison Officer, recently had the opportunity to visit the home and join the elders for a heartwarming lunch gathering. Thupten says:

“We were thrilled that we were able to distribute the annual stipends to the elders during the visit. As a gesture of goodwill, we also presented them with traditional scarves, known as khatas, along with wishes for their good health. The elders expressed their deep gratitude for the assistance they have received, and they wanted to extend their heartfelt appreciation to all the generous donors and supporters who have made a positive impact in their lives.”

During their visit Thupten and Penpa also met with the home’s managers, who shared valuable insights about the concerns and future needs of the elders.

🙏 Thank you for ensuring older generations of Tibetans can live in comfort and security.

Stay informed!

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