Photos from Tibet Relief Fund’s archive – over 60 years working with the Tibetan exile community.

There are 58 Tibetan settlements in India, Nepal and Bhutan, which were originally founded to reflect the main livelihoods of their inhabitants, usually agriculture or handicrafts. There are now wider variations between settlements, but the sense of community remains strong, with a focus on preserving Tibetan culture and traditions.

These photos are a selection from Tibet Relief Fund’s archive, from our 64 years working with the Tibetan exile community. Thanks to your support, we work with a number of settlement handicraft centres, including Dekyiling and Tibetan Women’s Centre. Artisans live and work at these centres, preserving Tibetan crafts like traditional handloom weaving and carpet making.

Your donations mean these skilled craftspeople have access to healthcare, and support when they retire, as well as allowing the handicraft centres to complete essential repairs and purchase new equipment needed for their work. Thank you for supporting Tibetan craftspeople and ensuring their endangered culture is preserved.

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