Tenzingang creche

Tibetan children

The remote Tenzingang Tibetan Settlement, located in Arunachal Pradesh, north east India, has few employment opportunities.

The primary source of income for women is in the low-waged field of handicrafts. Whilst they work to support their families, their children are cared for in the settlement’s crèche. Distressingly, the crèche’s poor facilities and dangerous hygiene conditions had led to a shockingly high mortality rate amongst the children.

Following Tibet Relief Fund’s Tenzingang crèche appeal, the direly dilapidated building was successfully renovated, transforming it into a safe environment for the children. The kitchen has been completely rebuilt with a new roof, hygienic facilities and utensils. Previously the children’s room had no ceiling and no beds, and children used to sleep on the floor with thin blankets. Now a ceiling keeps out the dust and rain which used to play havoc with children’s health and there are new beds with mattresses, sheets, pillows and blankets – all essential to help combat Tenzingang’s extreme winter. We were also able to supply first aid provisions, a water purifier, carpet and also toys, alphabet charts and other educational items for the children.

Tenzingang’s Cooperative secretary, Tenzin Rigsang, told us that, “Many parents have expressed their gratitude to all of you for your help … with these new facilities children are now looking more comfortable and have started enjoying their new environment. I, on behalf of all the kids and the parents, would like to convey my sincere thanks to all of you for helping us.”

The crèche now looks after 25 children a day and the mothers of Tenzingang can work without concern, increasing their productivity and thus their ability to provide for their families. This has all been possible because of the generosity of donors like yourself.

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