Tezu Dhargyeling Old People’s Home

Tezu Dhargyeling’s Old People’s Home, in the remote Tibetan settlement in the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, was set up in 1984 to provide shelter for the settlement’s destitute elders who had nowhere to live, no means to support themselves and no-one to provide or care for them.

However, much like the crèche in neighbouring Tenzingang, the Home has felt the strain of being located in such a remote area, cut-off and forgotten by the rest of the world.

In 2010, Tibet Relief Fund learnt of the severe financial difficulties the Home was facing. On hearing they were unable to fund the running expenses of the Home themselves, or find reliable funders to ensure its smooth running, we were able to send a grant of £6,500 to ensure the settlement’s elders would be cared for over the coming year.

Our funding will meet the costs of providing nutritious food, medicine and clothing for the 19 elderly people currently living in the home (approximately £25 per resident per month); as well as clean water, gas and electricity, sanitation, building maintenance, staff wages, medical facilities, hospital visits and funeral expenses.

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