Tibet Matters: Thuk-je-che from our sponsors!

Our sponsorship programme plays a vital role in our work to provide the education and care that Tibetans living in exile really need. We could not do this without our sponsors. Because of your generosity we are able to support children, elders, monks and nuns living in India and Nepal to ensure they get the opportunity and quality of life they deserve.
Thuk-je-che! (Thank you!)

Photo: Happy children from Tibetan Homes Foundation

Sponsorship news

To deliver all our different sponsorships, we work through 11 Tibetan organisations in Ionnndia and Nepal. It’s wonderful to hear about their own initiatives to improve and enhance their work. Here are just a couple of updates from the past year.

Tibet Homes Foundation have recently installed purified water fountains into all of the homes to ensure children have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

Speaking with some of the children on a recent field trip, they told us how they really appreciate being able to get a drink whenever they want and this has also really helped in reducing tummy problems and health issue attributed to drinking contaminated water.

In October, 22 nuns from Jamyang Choling Institute attended the Jang Gun-Choe nuns debate in Dharamsala. Nearly 400 nuns from eight nunneries across India and Nepal came together for this annual event. It gave the nuns a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge, deepen their understanding of Buddhist teachings and hone their skills in didactic debate.

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