Tibet Relief Fund annual review: £2,150 for Ngoenga School (Spring Appeal)

We are delighted to have supported Ngoenga school for many years and we are even more delighted that, following your great response to our spring appeal, we have been able to send a grant of £2,150 to cover the salary of a second physiotherapist at the school for a further year.

‘Ngoenga’ means ‘joyous’ in Tibetan and this inspiring and joyous school is home for 50 Tibetan children with special needs. Many of the children have complex physical needs and require regular physiotherapy sessions to keep them as healthy and mobile as possible.

The staff at Ngoenga work hard to make sure the children are well looked after, but a shortage of funds means their time is often more stretched than it should be. This is particularly true for the school’s physiotherapist who works long hours and has a very physically demanding job.

For the last five years, we have been sending a grant which enabled the school to employ a second physiotherapist. This means the children could have 30 minutes a day of one-on-one physio treatment. It also gave the opportunity for the two physiotherapists to work together and give extra care to the children with more severe disabilities.

After five years of support, funds restricted to help Ngoenga ran out. This put the job of the second physiotherapist and the level of care available to Ngoenga children at risk. We launched an urgent appeal to raise £2,150 to support the school’s physiotherapists for another year. Thanks to your generous donations, we are now able to send a grant to cover the physiotherapist’s salary for not one, but two years!

This project has had such a great impact on the health of the children and staff at the school and we are really pleased to know it will continue to do so for at least the next two years.

Ngoenga school physiotherapist, Phuntsok, says…

“As well as some of the children making better progress, my back pain is not so bad as usual! Thank you!”

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