Tibet Matters Annual Review: Help for elders in India and Nepal

The older generation of Tibetans made great sacrifices for future generations.

“We always had a big impression in our minds of respecting our elders, who have suffered much more than us with the loss of their country, and who have fought for their country too, so we should help them now.”


Help for the elderly in India

“Covid-19 really affected the elderly in India, even if they are not infected it has a mental effect because they aren’t able to go out, they worry and have anxiety. Elders in old people’s homes don’t have any family to visit them or to give them any special occasion like Losar. So it was very wonderful to give the elders in Mussoorie Homes a special Losar meal this year.”


A special thank you to everyone who bought a Gift of Hope or makes a regular donation. Through your generosity this special meal could happen. Your donations also funded emergency medical care, food and clothing for the elders, making them feel cared for and safe during the pandemic.

Nangchen Old People’s Home, Kathmandu

This year your donations supported regular deliveries of water to address ongoing supply problems as well as stipends for the residents and extra funds to help them through the pandemic.

“This is a wonderful project and sends a humble, genuine and peaceful message to our generation.”


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