Tibet Matters Annual Review: Happy Snaps at Tibetan Homes Foundation – £1,000

Grant Amount: £1,000

Tibetan Homes Foundation school recently launched a very popular photography and cinematography club.
The weekly club is a wonderful idea for students to get the chance to learn new skills and have fun at the same time.

The practical photography and video skills are great for students hoping to pursue careers in design, arts or media.

Within the first week, an amazing 198 students had joined the class!

We gave a grant for two teachers and one senior student to attend a three-day filmmaking and photography course, as well as to buy a DSLR camera for the club. They were eager to share their newfound knowledge with the rest of the group. Greatly inspired, club members have already made a full feature-length film, regular news updates on the school and stop-frame animations… that’s what we call a success!

Tibetan Homes Foundation Teacher Workshop

Grant Amount: £832

Working with Tibetan Homes Foundation, we are developing a programme to encourage new teaching methods. In March a successful interactive project-based training workshop, facilitated by Ritinjali, our Indian partner, was held in Mussoorie.

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