Tibet Matters: Tsundue’s Farewell Field Trip

Although Tibet Relief Fund already works in many different areas of India, Nepal and Tibet, we are aware we might not be reaching all of the Tibetan community who need our support.

This spring we sent Robbie to some of the most remote Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal to find out where help is most needed.

Tsundue, our Liaison Officer based in Delhi, accompanied Robbie on the India leg of his trip. Tsundue has been with Tibet Relief Fund for a number of years and has been invaluable in helping us connect and communicate with Tibetan communities.

Sadly, this trip was Tsundue’s last project with us, as he will soon be moving to the United States. We wanted to say a public farewell and thank him for his dedication and hard work.

Over the next few months we’ll be analysing Robbie’s research and mapping out a plan for the future. This work is vital as Tibetans approach 60 years of living in exile.

Interview with Tsundue

Tell us about your trip!

Robbie and I visited settlements in northern India together and found that every settlement has different problems. It was a great and eye-opening experience to get to know the challenges and difficulties of the people at the settlements.

What was the most memorable thing that happened on the trip?

The most memorable thing was our two days spent with Tibetan nomads at Changthang. They are cut off from the rest of the modern world and technologies so they are very much dependent on nature and animals.

What was the most difficult thing about the trip?

The difficulty of getting permission. Ladakh was one of the settlements which we were so interested to know more about the challenges faced by the Tibetan people living in the nine nomadic clusters. Unfortunately, we didn’t get permission to visit all the nine clusters but we managed to visit two nomadic clusters. Personally, it is so difficult for me to interview those poor and old individuals who have many problems in life and are waiting for help.

How has your experience been with Tibet Relief Fund?

I enjoyed working as Liaison Officer for Tibet Relief Fund in India and Nepal. It has given me a platform to serve my community and it was a great honour and experience. I was given the opportunity to get involved with projects and work directly with beneficiaries, even more than I ever imagined. I would like to thank Philippa Carrick and Kathryn Smith for their unwavering support, guidance and trust in me. Working with Tibet Relief Fund was one of the best things I ever experienced and learnt, both professionally and personally! It is an experience I will cherish and value forever.

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