Topchen has a top time in London

I am Topchen and I have been working for Empowering the Vision in Delhi for about 4 years. Every year one member of staff from our office is invited by Tibet Relief Fund in London to visit their office and learn new things. Since this was my first trip ever outside India, I was so excited and also bit nervous at the same time. I was wondering what I would be doing there all alone in these two weeks. But I am having a great time over here with the staff of TRF being so friendly and now I think I would not have a problem travelling alone in other places in the future.

The day I landed in London and stepped out the airport, I saw the buildings which were so beautiful and clean. I saw the famous red London buses, which I had been seeing only on TV. I met all the staff of TRF where some are new and some I have met already during their visit in India. Quite friendly all of them as I mentioned earlier, which helped me settle quickly in the office. TRF had organised a day workshop on Adobe Illustrator and I learned a lot of skills which I will definitely be using when I go back to Delhi. I also got two opportunities to do presentations
about Empowering the Vision (ENVISION) to the trustees of TRF and their staff. I am sure I will be learning more over the coming days of my time in TRF’S office.

Some of the places I have visited so far are the London Eye, Millennium Bridge, National History Museum, the famous Tower Bridge (which I thought was London Bridge), and so many other places which were crowded with people from different nations. With each step I could hear different languages.

Meeting other people who support the Tibet cause was also a lovely experience. I met some Tibetans working in different organisations and we shared things about our work. It was lovely to know and meet the Tibetan people in London. So, then I went to Norwich with Sam (TRF Fundraising Director) on the train with my first delicious pasty in my hand (I was hungry) and saw some beautiful scenery. It was lovely meeting Richard and Annie, who have been supporting Tibet for a long time. The best thing about my visit to Norwich was being able to watch the football game between Norwich city and Aston Villa. It was one of the most exciting experiences that I have had. Being a football fan, it was like a dream come true to see a big game like this and this too in England, the home of football.

I also met my Tibetan friend from Bir (a Tibetan Settlement in Himachal Pradesh) whom I have not met for a year. It was so great to see him after long time. Thank you, Tibet Relief Fund and all the staff, for inviting me here and making my visit a memorable one. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

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