Tibet Matters: Building healthier, stronger Tibetan communities

Inadequate and limited access to healthcare leads to higher rates of disease, illness, and avoidable deaths among the Tibetan exile population. With your support, we are working with a number of organisations to change this.

Emergency medical funds

Thanks to you, we have established emergency funds for several partner organisations in India and Nepal. These give vital support to those who otherwise couldn’t afford timely medical treatment.

Many members of the Tibetan exile community don’t have the means to pay for medical care. This is a particular problem for elderly or vulnerable Tibetans without support systems. The emergency medical funds cover a range of
needs, including upfront costs for check ups and regular medication, prenatal care, and treatment for tuberculosis.

We are delighted to hear from Tibetan Homes Foundation that our emergency medical fund significantly reduced the strain healthcare costs put on their finances. Your donations are hard
at work, providing their students and staff with treatment for a range of conditions, including cancer, epilepsy and diabetes.

Clear vision and a new lease of life

Po Tsephel (third from right), spending time with his friends after his successful cataract surgery

Thanks to your generous response to our recent appeal, several Tibetans have already had the life-changing cataract surgery and aftercare needed to restore their vision, which they otherwise would not have been able to afford. And many more will continue to benefit, as your donations mean our partners can run the necessary screenings to catch cataracts early, and operate before it is too late. This is a major challenge facing elderly Tibetans, who, without your support, are at risk of losing their sight forever. You have brought health and hope to those in need – thank you!

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