Our sponsorship partners in India

The Tibetan Government in Exile’s Department of Education (DoE)

The DoE has succeeded in increasing the literacy rate of the Tibetan refugee community to 79.4 per cent; but with limited funds, outside sponsorship plays a key role in its continuing success.

The DoE is responsible for supporting the educational and welfare needs of over 28,000 students at 90 Tibetan schools in India, Nepal and Bhutan. The schools range from residential to day care, providing education from primary to senior secondary level.

Lhodak Gaden Donnyiling Monastery

Originally situated in Lhoka district in Tibet; like so many monasteries in the 1950s, Lhodak Gaden Donnyiling was destroyed by Chinese troops. Many monks died when resisting the destruction and those who survived escaped into exile. Tibet Relief Fund helped build and re-establish the monastery at Dekyiling Tibetan Settlement near Dehradun, north India; our sponsors now support the education of some of its resident monks

Jamyang Choling Institute of Buddhist Dialectics (JCI)

The Institute offers an intense 17-year educational program that is the equivalent to a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy!

An innovative education project based on the outskirts of Dharamsala for Himalayan Buddhist nuns and laywomen. JCI offers a religious education for Tibetan women coming from Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Ladakh, Zanskar and Sikkim. In addition JCI teaches Tibetan, English, Hindi, computer and administration skills training nuns as spiritual leaders, teachers and community workers. Our supporters sponsor a number of nuns at JCI.

Tibetan Women’s Centre (TWC)

Contrary to its name, Tibetan Women’s Centre (TWC) in Rajpur is actually a Tibetan settlement housing around 500 men, women and children. Established in 1965, TWC focuses on encouraging economic development and community building amongst its residents. This is primarily through its handicraft and carpet workshops that not only offer employment and vocational training but also ensure traditional crafts such as carpet weaving and tailoring traditional Tibetan dress are preserved. Through Tibet Relief Fund around 100 children from TWC are sponsored.

Tashi Lhunpo Monastery

Traditionally the seat of the Panchen Lama, was re-established in the Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe following the Chinese invasion of Tibet. At present, 250 monks continue to follow their Buddhist tradition here. In addition, the monastery also runs a school where the monks study Tibetan, English, Mathematics, General Science, Social Studies, Dharma and Religious Debate.

Sermey Thoesam School

Founded in 1976 under the guidance of the re-established Sera-Mey Monastery in Bylakuppe. The school provides full-time, free education for children from destitute families, orphans and newly arrived refugees from Tibet.

Tibetan Homes Foundation (THF)

Established in 1962 by the Dalai Lama in response to the growing numbers of orphans and destitute refugee children arriving in India. In addition to an education, accommodation, food and clothing, THF now provides a family atmosphere of care for approximately 2,200 children in its two campuses in Mussoorie and Rajpur, northern India.

Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV)

This school in Bylakuppe was opened in 1981, as one of the nine schools adminstered by the TCV headquarters in Dharamsala. The school hosts approximately 1,480 students, most of them boarding.

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