Tibetan Homes Foundation

Tibetan Homes Foundation was founded in Mussoorie in 1962 to care for Tibetan children separated from their parents.

Today, Tibetan Homes Foundation has two campuses, providing education and accommodation from kindergarten to senior school. Mussoorie campus has 1600 students, with a further 550 students in nearby Rajpur.

The Vocational Training Centre teaches modern and traditional Tibetan art, tailoring and handicrafts; preserving Tibet’s rich culture whilst providing the students with skills.

At THF the children live in family homes known as Khimzang, each with their own set of foster parents. This generates a sense of family belonging, where the values of love, care, responsibility, honesty, hard work and compassion are all a part of the growing up process!

The school also has one type of class not seen in other schools; special classes for new arrivals from Tibet. It is often very difficult for them to adjust into the regular classes but with special help they are able to integrate into the main school.

Over the years Tibet Relief Fund has provided accommodation, classrooms and teaching equipment, bedding and clothing for the children and today continues to sponsor over 400 children.

Consider becoming a sponsor to make a personal, lasting difference to a child’s life and education.

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