Annual Review: Sponsorship programme

Children: 598
Monks & Nuns: 46
Students: 44
Elders: 22

Our sponsorship programme helps many Tibetans to realise their full potential. It means that Tibetan child refugees can go to school and university; monks and nuns can undergo Buddhist training; and elderly exiled Tibetans can live in comfort with enough to eat.

The kindness and generosity of our sponsors gives these Tibetans a brighter future. Thank you to all of our sponsors, past and present. You are changing peoples’ lives for the better!

This year we sent a fantastic £93,806 to our partner agencies in India and Nepal from sponsors in the UK.

Since 1960 when the first child was sponsored, we have helped thousands of children with their education. Sonam Dickey is just one of many success stories. Growing up in a poor Tibetan settlement in Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India, Sonam showed promise but her parents could not afford to send her to school. Her father works as a farmer like most people in the settlement. Sonam’s sponsor gave her the opportunity to go to school and then to university in Bangalore to become a nurse. She successfully completed her course in March 2015.

Sonam Dickey
Sonam Dickey

Sonam says “I am very grateful to my sponsor and my life would not be a success without your help and care. Without you my family were helpless to fulfil my dream. I will always keep a close contact with my dear sponsor. My future plan is, as I finish my nursing course at Manipal University in Bangalore, to continue my job in Manipal hospital as an employee.
Monks at Namgyal Monastic School, Pokhara
Monks at Namgyal Monastic School, Pokhara

We also find sponsors for Buddhist monks and nuns who want to undertake Buddhist studies. This part of the programme has supported many monks and nuns through their studies, helping to preserve Tibetan culture and religion.

Elderly Tibetans living in exile often struggle to afford the most basic things such as food and clothing. Most are unable to work, and those who can face low wages and poor employment opportunities. On top of this many elders are expected to provide for their families and help children attend school. They also need more help with medical bills as they fall ill. We expanded our sponsorship programme in 2006 to include elderly Tibetans, giving invaluable security and comfort in their old age.

If you have been inspired to change a life by becoming a sponsor please click here.

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