Will Power: Why I’m leaving a legacy to Tibet Relief Fund

The grey curtains began to move and close. The white lilies on the coffin began to disappear. “At some point this will be each one of us” said the minister. “Take some time to think over your life. What causes have you felt passionately about? How would you like to be remembered?”

That was an easy answer. Tibet is a cause that has been dear to my heart for decades. When I was 11 years old the news came on the radio about the Dalai Lama fleeing from the Chinese. This made a huge impact on me and I constantly asked if he was safe and alive. It was a great relief to find he was.

In the years following I trained teachers to teach literacy in developing countries and wrote educational books. I met Taiwanese students who told me about China’s designs on their country and Tibet too. As some of them had visited Tibet they taught me a great deal about the situation there. It was then I began to read more about it.

I started supporting Tibet Relief Fund and Tibet Matters began arriving regularly with news about their various excellent projects. The sponsorship section particularly caught my attention. I contacted Tibet Relief Fund and seven-year-old Phurpa, from a destitute family, became my sponsored ‘daughter’. Receiving letters from her is such a joy. She is now 13, looks healthy and happy and intends to be a teacher of Tibetan language.
Her transformation is wonderful and it only happened because of the help of Tibet Relief Fund and the school that they support. It was easy, therefore, when making a gift to a charity in my will. I chose Tibet Relief Fund, in order that their excellent work can continue for many years to come.

So, when it is my turn for the curtains to close I know that wherever I am I will be happy in the knowledge that the cause I have been committed to and felt passionately about throughout my life will receive a gift in my will and continue to receive the royalties from my books for 70 years thereafter.

Margaret Iggulden, Monmouth Tibet Support Group

Will Power

By remembering Tibet in your will, your concern for Tibet and its people can live on. Whatever the size of your gift, it will help change lives.

How can I leave a gift?

Leaving a legacy is easier than you might think. If you would like to find out more, with no obligation to leave a gift, please contact Caroline on 0203 119 0041 or email: [email protected]

More info: www.tibetrelelieffund.co.uk/legacy

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