Happy 1st Birthday to Sontsa, our community hub

On this day – 29 June – last year Sontsa, the Community Hub, opened its doors in Majnu-ka Tilla, Delhi.

There has long been a need for a “citizens’ advice bureau” for Tibetans living in India and with your support the Hub is there to provide advice on jobs and how to apply, information on civil rights within India, and signposts Tibetans who have fallen through the cracks of society to find the help they need.

The Hub also hosts events for the Tibetan community, including film screenings, poetry readings, exhibitions and school visits, as well as providing a workspace for those without computer access or with unreliable internet. Over the last year the Hub has fostered a vibrant community, with many local Tibetan students, creatives and professionals using the space to work and network.

We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for the Hub!

Your support has made this possible. Thank you! And a huge thanks to the team at Empowering the Vision, our long-standing youth empowerment project, who staff the Hub and provide its vital services.

Stay informed!

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