Our work in India

  • Approximately 120,000 Tibetan refugees in India
  • Remote Tibetan settlements have limited healthcare, education and work opportunities
  • Hard for some Tibetans to integrate into Indian society

Our work in India addresses these problems. We work to improve education, youth empowerment, healthcare and care for the elderly.


Empowering the Vision

Tibetan Ability

Rewa Rehabilitation Centre

Dekyiling elders

Chushi Gangdruk elders

Delhi Community Kitchen

Community Hub

Compassion Home

Creches in Northern India

Early Literacy Project: baby board books and children’s library

Shatsa reading programme

Tibetan Homes Foundation

Help on Hand

Ngoenga School for Tibetan children with special needs

Tibetan Women’s Centre

Library of Tibetan Works & Archives creche

Gapa School teachers’ salaries

Sermey Thoesam school

Tibet Theatre

Tenzingang Ambulance


Pandhra Mile – Completed 2021

H-Pylori testing – Completed 2021

Library of Tibetan Works & Archives – Completed 2017

Solar greenhouses in Ladakh – Completed 2022

Clean water in Gapa – Completed 2017

Lha Clear Vision – Completed 2017

Cinematography club – Completed 2017

Sanitation in Spiti – Completed 2018

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