Gunsa Bridge

As well as the ongoing programmes we support, Tibet Relief Fund receives many one-off requests for a wide-range of projects throughout India, Nepal and Tibet.

In 2010, we were contacted by the remote Tibetan Settlement of ShaWaRa in Nepal, with a report that a wooden bridge over the River Gunsa between Gunsa and Sempheling Tibetan settlement was on the verge of collapse.

As a vital access and trade route for Tibetans, and a migratory grazing route for many animals, we were warned of a major disaster waiting to happen, in which the loss of life – both human and yak – would be inevitable. Meanwhile, 70 local families would benefit from the restoration of the bridge.

With a one-off grant from Tibet Relief Fund, the local Tibetans built a safe new bridge; and we are delighted to hear that hundreds of people can now cross without fear and even the yaks are happy with their safe new crossing.

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