2021 raffle winners drawn

Thank you to everyone who bought or sold tickets for this year’s raffle. The lucky winners have now been notified and are listed below.

1st prize: Palden, London, ticket number 26288
2nd prize: Anne, Hertfordshire, ticket number 33992
3rd prize: Esther, London, ticket number 24080
4th prize: Carol, Oxfordshire, ticket number 26408
5th prize: Stella, Cheshire, ticket number 17718
6th prize: Helen, Inverness, online ticket
7th prize: Nick, Warwickshire, online ticket
8th prize: William, Carmarthenshire, online ticket
9th prize: J, Cumbria, ticket number 22458
10th prize: Janie, Glasgow, ticket number 19921

Yogi Tea gift sets:
Kavito, Lancashire, online ticket
Veronica, West Midlands, ticket number 2532
Clive, County Durham, ticket number 12185
Irene, Avon, ticket number 15595
Malcolm, Devon, online ticket
C, Derbyshire, ticket number 9061

A huge thank you to our prize donors ethicalWARES, Komodo, Arc’teryx, The Basket Room, Yogi Tea, Ocelot Chocolate and the Body Shop. The raffle would not have been possible without their generosity.

Together we have raised over £8,000 for Tibetan communities in India and Nepal at a critical time – thank you!

Stay informed!

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