Emergency appeal:Tibetans urgently need your help to access healthcare

This is an urgent appeal from our partner Tsering in India.

“My name is Tsering Dolkar. I set-up Help on Hand in Chandigarh to help Tibetans seeking urgent medical treatment. Today I am making an urgent request for your help.

You will have seen in the news how India is being ravaged by Covid-19. Hospitals are overwhelmed and medicine costs have risen hugely. All this is making it really difficult for my patients and other Tibetans to access vital medicines and healthcare.

I am doing all I can to dispatch medicines to people in remote communities, help with transportation to hospital where that’s possible, and provide home care and shopping for vulnerable Tibetans who must isolate.

Please will you send a gift to help provide vital medicines, healthcare and support for vulnerable Tibetans affected by the Covid-19 crisis in India?

Your gift could save lives. Without our help, 10-year-old Tenzin Yang (pictured) might never have got the treatment she needed for intestinal tuberculosis, a chronic wasting disease that can be fatal.

I have never experienced anything as bad as this before. Please do give today if you are able to. Together, we can help vulnerable Tibetans make it through these terrible times. Thuk-je-che.”

£15 could deliver essential medicines to vulnerable Tibetans
£30 could help provide home care for patients who can’t get to hospital
£50 could help provide food and other essentials for vulnerable Tibetans

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