We continue to work with Lhamo Tsering

Lhamo Tsering, also known as Lhamo the Educator, teaches supplementary English conversation classes for Tibetan secondary school students in Ladakh. Through these regular classes Lhamo’s students develop fluency and confidence in their English speaking, which makes all the difference. Learning languages becomes fun and students improve quickly. Given that some other subjects are taught in English, having a stronger grasp on the language makes a huge difference.

Thanks to your support, this is our second year working with Lhamo who recently told us:

“I am delighted by the positive response from students in my English conversation classes. Their radiant smiles motivate me to be dedicated to my project. I have observed their growing comfort with spoken English, fulfilling my goal. I remain patient and provide continuous motivation to those who struggle more.”

Your donations allow us to work with Tibetan-led projects, like Lhamo’s, who are making a real difference in their communities. Thank you. 🙏

You can follow Lhamo Tsering on instagram

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