Update from Nangchen Old People’s Home in Kathmandu

Since 2010 your donations have supported Nangchen Old People’s Home in Kathmandu, which provides a safe home for elderly Tibetans. Thanks to you, we can support the home’s running costs, an emergency medical fund and the supply of safe drinking water.

Later this month as part of the Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebrations, all the elders will receive gifts and share a special lunch. Thank you for ensuring the Nangchen residents have a memorable day enjoying the festivities.

Last summer the elders took a trip out of the city (above) to celebrate the auspicious day of Zamling Chisang, also known as Universal Prayer Day.

“We had set up altar and Lama for the puja and did prayers together in the morning and had lunch. After lunch many elders were helped by our youths in circumambulating the holy place. Our elders very very much pleased when the youths had arranged a dance presentation for them. We were all really happy to be able to make that day really fruitful and joyous for our elders.”

Member of staff at Nangchen Old People’s Home

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