Tibet Relief Fund sponsors meet with TCV President Ama Jetsun Padma to Discuss Education and Support for Tibetans

Tibet Relief Fund recently met with Ama Jetsun Padma, the President of the Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV) school, at Kailash Centre in London. The meeting was attended by Jampa, Tibet Relief Fund’s finance manager, and other representatives from various organizations.

During the meeting, Ama Jetsun Padma spoke of the history of the TCV school, which was founded in 1960 to provide education and support to Tibetan children who had fled Tibet. She also spoke about the challenges that the school has faced over the years, and the many achievements that it has made.

Tibet Relief Fund’s representative Jamp highlighted the organization’s mission to help Tibetans in India, Nepal, and Tibet through education, health, and sustainable community development projects. He also shared information about Tibet Relief Fund’s sponsorship program, which currently supports 100s Tibetan children.

The sponsors who attended the meeting were happy to have the opportunity to meet Ama Jetsun Padma and to learn more about TCV school. Several sponsors spoke about their personal connection to the cause and the positive impact that they have witnessed through their contributions.

At the end of the meeting, Ama Jetsun Padma presented a “Thank you” certificate to sponsors who were able to attend as a token of appreciation for their support. She also expressed her gratitude to Tibet Relief Fund for its ongoing commitment to helping Tibetans.

The meeting was a productive and inspiring one, and it strengthened the relationship between Tibet Relief Fund and the Tibetan Children’s Village school. Both organizations are committed to working together to support Tibetan education and sustainable communities.

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