Tibet Matters Issue 18 – Nepal Earthquake

Welcome to the Autumn issue of Tibet Matters.

As I am sure you are all aware, back in April and May, parts of Nepal were devastated by two massive earthquakes and a series of violent aftershocks.

Days after the initial quake, we launched an online appeal to raise funds to help those Tibetans and ethnic Tibetans who were affected. This was followed up by a postal appeal to raise further funds to help rebuild people’s lives in the long-term. So many of you have donated to both appeals and we are truly grateful for your support.

This issue looks at some stories of the impact the earthquakes have had on Tibetans and ethnic Tibetans living in Nepal, what we have done to help and how we plan to help going forward. We are proud to say that, despite not being an emergency aid organisation, we managed to distribute some emergency supplies to remote areas within days of the quake.

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Beneficiaries and Tibet Relief Fund projects

Tibet Relief Fund facilitates the sponsorship of 111 individuals in Nepal, including children, monks and elders. We also provide stipends for the elderly and fund the salary of two Tibetan teachers.

Following the earthquake, there were a harrowing few days during which we did not know the fate of those we support. When we were finally able to establish communications with our various project partners, we got the incredible news that everyone supported by Tibet Relief Fund was unharmed.

Whilst we are very relieved to hear this, sadly, many lives have been turned upside down as homes, businesses, schools and monasteries have been destroyed or have sustained irreparable damage. See the back page of this issue to read about ways in which we plan to help with long-term relief.

Tragically, at least ten Tibetans were killed by the two earthquakes in Nepal. Inside Tibet, it is estimated that 17 people lost their lives, however, this estimate may be much higher in reality. Although these number does not compare to the enormous death toll of the Nepalese population, it is devastating for the families of the victims and we send them our deepest condolences.

Stay informed!

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