Tibet Matters: Artistic Reverie – a contemporary response to Tibetan culture

Tibet’s unique culture is being systematically wiped out within Tibet, leading to the potential extinction of the country’s heritage and tradition. We recently worked with three emerging Tibetan artists: Jampa Namgyal, Ngwang Dhargyal and Tenzin Choegyal, to mount an exhibition, Artistic Reverie – a contemporary response to Tibetan culture.

The artists’ paintings, sculptures and mixed media pieces, explore themes including nomadic life and Tibetan Buddhism, and combine identifiable Tibetan motifs with strikingly modern artistic techniques.

Held at KA Art Gallery, Varanasi, India, the exhibition was a great success. With 200 visitors leaving feedback, Artistic Reverie provided a platform for dialogue, cultural exchange and inspiration.

Thank you for helping preserve and promote Tibet’s endangered culture

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