Tibet Matters Annual Review: Tibetan (dis)ABILITY – supporting differently abled children through school

Grant Amount: £3,702

Last year we told you about an innovative new project to encourage Tibetan children with special needs to complete their education in mainstream Tibetan schools.

Tibetan schools in India tend not to be well equipped to support children with disabilities. Generally, teachers have no specialist training, schools are physically inaccessible and students get no extra support in class. Most drop out and end up living at home with their families for the rest of their lives with no skills and no qualifications.

This project, run by Tibetan Ability in Dharamsala, has made good headway to change this. Over the last year they have…

• Run teachers workshops at five Tibetan schools

• Held 12 public community awareness raising meetings in four settlements

• Launched a drawing competition for 220 students at five schools to help children better understand their classmates’ needs

• Visited 34 parents’ homes to advise on rights and benefits and encourage school enrolment

• Conducted a survey of Tibetan settlements to identify non-school going children

• Distributed hundreds of information leaflets to schools and communities

• Put up 100 posters in schools to encourage students to keep inclusive education in mind

• Given physiotherapy to around 100 children with special needs

Tibetan Ability are now launching a new initiative to build on on this good work. We are very happy to be funding this next stage of their work and look forward to telling you all about the project in the next issue of Tibet Matters.

Stay informed!

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