Autumn Appeal: Rasuwa orphans need you urgently

Buddha and Subash are young Tibetan brothers living in Nepal. Tragically, they were orphaned when their parents were killed in one of the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015. Now they need you.

Since the earthquakes, they have been through a further terrible ordeal. Buddha and Subash’s aunt and uncle attempted to sell them into child labour in Kathmandu.

The young brothers were rescued from this fate by Nepali government officials just in time. They are now living in very poor conditions with their elderly grandparents and urgently need your support.

Please will you donate to help Buddha and Subash?

Your donation will help send them to boarding school in Nepal, ensure they always have warm clothes and enough nutritious food, and care for them if they get sick. This will also relieve the burden on their grandparents, who are struggling to cope.

Buddha and Subash live in Rasuwa – a remote area of Nepal close to the border with Tibet. Many ethnic Tibetans live here, and have done for generations.

Rasuwa was one of the worst affected areas after the earthquakes, and hundreds were injured or killed. Most of the healthcare centres were damaged or destroyed and vital food stockpiles were lost.

The whole area is still suffering from the aftereffects of the earthquake. Hundreds of children have been orphaned. We are determined to help, but we can’t do this without you.

By donating, you will support some of the most vulnerable children in Rasuwa – including Buddha and Subash – and give them a strong start in life. Please give whatever you can today.

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