Nangchen Old People’s Home, Kathmandu

The Nangchen region is located in Kham, East Tibet. After 1959, large numbers of Nangchen people fled to India and Nepal. In their early years of exile, some senior citizens of Nangchen set up a social organisation, or ‘Kyiduk’, to preserve their language, culture and tradition as well as to provide care for the poor, sick and needy.

The Nangchen Nyernga Social Service Society in Nepal was established in 1968. The NNSSS runs several programs, including youth dance troops trained under a qualified teacher in order to restore and preserve the traditional Nangchen dance and songs which are on the verge of extinction.

They have also run a Home for the Elderly in Kathmandu since 1998. The society had been intending to extend the home over the coming years to house a further ten people, but the future of the home is uncertain; the funds they currently receive neither cover all their expenses, nor have assurance of long-term continuity.

Tibet Relief Fund was happy to support Nangchen Old People’s Home in 2010 by providing a grant towards their running expenses.

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