Appeal: Will you help Tsering grow a healthier future?

This is a special appeal from our Project Liaison Officer in India, Tenzin Nyima.

“It is very difficult to grow vegetables in Ladakh in winter because of the harsh climate. So people here have to pay high prices for imported fresh produce, which many Tibetan families cannot afford.

As a result, Tibetans here consume fresh vegetables only once or twice a month during winter, putting them at risk of malnutrition and disease. A gift of £10 from you today could help change this.

If we can raise £3,229 we will be able to build two passive solar greenhouses in Ladakh. Your gift will enable Tibetan communities in Ladakh to grow fresh, nutritious vegetables all year round and be more self-sufficient while reducing carbon emissions from imported vegetables.

Schoolchildren like Tsering, 15, will be able to eat vegetables daily from the new greenhouse at the TCV school in Hanle. This is so important for her health and her future. At the moment Tsering eats a very basic diet of tingmok (steamed bread), rice, dhal and butter tea, with vegetables only when her family can afford them.

Can you help Tsering thrive with a gift today?

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