Appeal for toys at Tibetan Homes Foundation

Tibet Relief Fund has supported Tibetan Homes Foundation, since it was first established in 1962. Over the ensuing 51 years, with your help, we have provided accommodation for children and teachers, classrooms and teaching equipment, mattresses and bedding, winter clothing for the children and much more. We are really proud to have been involved with such a fantastic project for so long.

However, whilst we have been able to support the basic education, sanitary and health needs of children living at the Foundation; more basic childhood needs have had to take a back seat.

We want to change this.

Children at Tibetan Homes Foundation have few, if any, toys and games. As a consequence they have very little opportunity for fun and enjoyment outside of their school work. For over 2,000 children, the Foundation is their home; they live there all year round not just during school and term time. For these children it is essential there are fun and entertaining activities available outside of their study.

Read our full appeal for toys and games at Tibetan Homes Foundation here.

Your generosity today can help bring joy to the lives of refugee Tibetan children. Your donation will be used where it is needed most and enable us to support this and other urgent projects that bring sustainable and practical help to Tibetans in India, Nepal and Tibet.

Stay informed!

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