With the help of Tibetan Homes Foundation, Dorjee knows he will be warm for the winter

Dorjee has been an orphan since his mother died when he was five years old

Built into the sides of steep mountains in the Indian Himalayan region, Tibetan Homes Foundation school in Mussoorie is home to hundreds of Tibetan children, many of whom are far away from their families in Tibet, India and Nepal. While beautiful, the winter months here can be harsh, and the old school buildings are often covered in thick layers of icy snow.

On the 15th December every year, the school closes for the winter months, and most children return home to their families. Children whose parents can’t afford to care for them, or who are orphans, like 16-year-old Dorjee, must remain in the empty, freezing-cold school.

Dorjee has been an orphan since his mother died when he was five years old. Since then, Tibetan Homes Foundation has been his family, providing much-needed care, support and guidance. Dorjee has made many friends at school, too. But it is heartbreaking for him each winter when they all go home to their families, leaving him to sleep alone in his dormitory.

Thanks to our Winter Care Programme with Tibetan Homes Foundation, Dorjee knows he will be kept fed, warm and cared for over the winter.

“The winter holiday is the time when almost all my friends who live here leave for holidays, and the Winter Care Programme brings a feeling of special care for me.”


The Programme provides warm clothes, blankets, thermals, shows and other necessities; hot nutritious meals throughout the cold months; and a trip out to monasteries, a museum, and an amusement park, to give them a little bit of their childhood back.

This year, we’re asking you to be part of the Winter Care Programme so we can help more children like Dorjee.

With your help, we can provide warmth, food, and even an outing for a vulnerable child. Your gift would mean the world to a child like Dorjee, who has no family:

“Warm clothes, the special meals, and a visit to the amusement park make it feel like we have a home away from home.”


We’ve been working with Tibetan Homes Foundation since 1965. They’re an amazing partner, and there’s nothing they can’t do, given the right support.

Please give what you can today and help keep a child warm, fed and cared for this winter.

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