Tibet Matters: Appeal updates – healthy mothers and education for children

Healthy mothers and healthy families

Our project partner has done an amazing job reaching pregnant women living in remote areas of Tibet with the support they need, successfully preventing complications and maternal deaths due to prenatal anaemia.This has included ensuring that women in remote areas can get the blood tests they need to identify if they are anaemic. They are then supported with an improved diet and, in rare cases, blood transfusions and restorative care. They have also taught pregnant women about the importance of nutrition during pregnancy, as well as providing key information about childbirth so that they can prepare.

Thanks to your generous support of our autumn appeal last year, the team has been making big plans for 2023 and beyond, so they can reach more women with the help they need, and improve the health of mothers and their families through training in local biodiversity, nutrition and diet.

A good education for children in Pokhara

Your generous donations to our 2022 summer appeal provided salaries for five well-trained teachers in Pokhara in central Nepal, enabling Tibetan children to receive a good quality modern education, while learning their own rich culture, history and language.

Most families in this area live in poverty, and without your support, the school would not have been able to afford to pay the teachers. Better still, thanks to you, these teachers are being paid a proper, fair salary, helping them stay motivated and feel valued for the amazing work they are doing. Your kindness has supported teachers and children alike to thrive – thank you!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, elder, monk or nun please head to our sponsorship page.

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