Tibet Matters Annual Review: Helping Hands of Tsering Dolkar and Lhakpa Dolma – £1,300

Grant Amount: £1,300

Lobsang Yangzom with her son

The remarkable sisters, Tsering Dolkar and Lhakpa Dolma, never stop! Their amazing work assisting Tibetans who come from all over India and Nepal to Chandigarh in north India to seek medical treatment is 24/7.

Over the last 12 months nearly 500 patients have benefitted from the sisters’ care. Amongst the help they provide is translation of doctors’ diagnoses so the patient fully understands what is wrong, accompanying patients to hospital, giving after-care in their patient home and helping pay for medicines when the patient cannot afford them.

One of their patients this year was Lobsang Yangzom, 65 (pictured). Back in 2008, she had had problems with her kidneys and Help on Hand helped get her treatment. A few months ago she returned, this time with breathing difficulties. She was found to have a blood clot on her lungs and had to go into hospital.

The tests and treatment cost more than double the amount Lobsang could raise. Undeterred, Tsering Dolkar negotiated with the hospital and managed to get the fees greatly reduced. Help on Hand also covered the cost of Lobsang’s follow-up treatment and the medicines needed to get her back to full health.

A wonderful example of the care, moral support and comfort the two sisters provide to Tibetans suffering from ill health.

Tsering Dolkar watches on and supports a patient

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