Makha trailer. A film by Tibet Theatre for Tibetan Women’s Association funded by Tibet Relief Fund

🎥 This #InternationalWomensDay we are excited to announce that Tibet Theatre is releasing their new short film, Makha (“wound” in Tibetan), in collaboration with Tibetan Women’s Association, funded by Tibet Relief Fund.

Makha tells the story of three generations of a Tibetan family in exile. The film aims to raise awareness about domestic violence, child abuse, mental health and substance abuse issues within the exile community. Lhakpa Tsering, founder of @‌tibettheatre and one of the directors of Makha, says:

These are common problems within Tibetan communities but have had little public acknowledgement or discussion … Especially in the present days, most people think that women have full rights in our exile community. But in reality there are a lot of problems with women from the family level to society level. Since the Tibetan Women’s Association has been working for the same cause, it is only natural that a collaboration is established. This collaboration will strengthen the movement and provide entire Tibetan community focus to the cause as well as benefit both the organisations.

We know that when women can access the support they need, communities become not only more inclusive, but stronger and more prosperous too. That’s why we love being able to get involved in important projects like this, which are key to achieving our vision. Thank you for making this work possible – together we can forge a world that is more equal and safe for everyone.

Stay informed!

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