Appeal: Emergency cataract surgery for Tibetan elders

Imagine waking up every morning to blurred vision. That’s what started to happen to Po Tsephel. The 83-year-old spent his youth fighting to save his country, and missed the chance of having a family. Now living in exile in Nepal, Po Tsephel likes to read local newspapers and watch television or play games with other Tibetan elders. He is a cheery, community-minded person. But when he began to suffer blurred vision, and feared he would be deprived of these simple pleasures, he began to retreat into himself.

Thanks to a timely eye screening and immediate surgery, our partners at the Lodrik Welfare Fund were able to catch Po Tsephel’s cataracts before they hardened and became too difficult to operate on. The surgery went smoothly, and after three days resting in the hospital, he recovered. “I had a completely new world around me after my cataract surgery,” he said.“I could even read my prayer books and watch television with my friends. I want to thank you personally for your kind and generous support in regards to my cataract surgery.

Many other Tibetan elders are still in danger of losing their sight forever. We are asking for your help to stop this from happening. Please can you help us run eye screenings before it’s too late, and provide cataract surgery if necessary?

A donation from you today could help pay for:

  • medical examinations, to assess if Tibetan elders need cataract surgery
  • life-changing, sight-saving cataract surgery for those who need it, helping them see clearly again and avoid unnecessary blindness
  • the after-care needed to ensure they recover completely from cataract surgery. This could include extra days in hospital, eye patches and creams.

Stay informed!

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