Projects in Tibet

Despite there being a huge need for aid and development programmes in the country, working inside Tibet is very, very difficult for the majority of international charities. With close scrutiny and monitoring of any charity work, the Chinese government, police and military have the power to end any programme or project without so much as a moment’s notice – potentially undoing years of valuable work in an instant. Those trying to carry out work may be harassed by local authorities, refused necessary permits, or have trouble getting funds into the country legally.

One solution, the one we chose, is to work with small local grassroots organisations which ‘fly under the radar’ of the authorities. To protect their valuable work and help ensure the security of their projects, we do not mention them by name here and give nothing more than a general location.

Conditions for a lot of people in the country are some of the worst in the world, particularly those living in remote areas or leading nomadic lives. Education in more remote areas can be minimal to non-existent, with children being forced to go to Chinese-run schools as local Tibetan schools are forced to close.

The work we fund in Tibet seeks to address some of these issues with a focus on education, healthcare and empowerment.

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