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We urgently need your help to rebuild a primary school in the remote village of Bakhang.

Bakhang village, located in northern Nepal near the border with Tibet, was badly damaged by the devastating earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015. Since then, going to school has been an endurance test for the children of Bakhang.

They have braved bitter winter cold and torrential monsoon rains to have their lessons in a tent. A tent that offers little protection from the harsh weather conditions of Nepal – or from future natural disasters.

There used to be 85 children attending the school but, disheartened by these gruelling conditions, 40 children have dropped out. Just 45 children are still studying.

Please help us rebuild Bakhang school and give these children the education they need.

Without an education, these children can’t go on to become doctors, teachers or engineers. The village will never benefit from these skills and the children are likely to spend their adult lives working at low-paying, menial jobs. You can create a better future for Bakhang by donating today.

We still need to raise £20,877 to rebuild the school using earthquake-resistant techniques so the children will be safe while they study. The villagers can then receive training from a local charity, Build Up Nepal, to make compressed earth bricks and to rebuild the school. This will not only create a safe new building for the children to study, but also leave the villagers with lifelong skills.

UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that Komodo, a fantastic ethical clothing company, are supporting this appeal! 20% of sales between Friday 25th and Sunday 27th of November will be donated towards rebuilding Bakhang school – and Komodo are generously matching these donations, so in effect 40% of your purchase will help rebuild the school! Thank you Komodo.

Buy Komodo clothes between 25-27 November and support Bakhang school

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