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The history books fail to truly represent what happened in Tibet during 1959 as the illegal occupation of Tibet by China got underway. To really capture and preserve that moment of history we have to go to the source, the people who were there.

A brand new film, Drensol (‘memory’ in Tibetan) by Sonam Nawang N. Anja-Tsang, director of Little Tibet and Little Tibet 2, aims to capture the fascinating oral history of eyewitnesses before it is too late. We are very proud to have part funded this film which documents the eyewitness accounts of 23 elderly Tibetans who lived in a pre-occupied Tibet, through the uprising and eventually escaped to Nepal.

Drensol will let you share their stories about life in Tibet, life in exile and their dreams for the future of their country.

The preservation of Tibetan culture is one of our key goals as a charity, often via education or supporting the Library of Tibetan Works & Archive. We strongly feel this film will provide a unique and invaluable source of eyewitness evidence of what life was really like in pre-1959 Tibet. Capturing oral histories like this is vitally important; as every year goes by the opportunity to hear or record these stories gets fewer and fewer.

All of the Tibetans interviewed in this film live in Jampaling, a Lodrik settlement near Pokhara in Nepal, which Tibet Relief Fund has been proudly supporting for over 10 years. Many of the 325 elderly Tibetans there are former freedom fighters, so they are able to provide an extraordinary insight in to the events of those years. The name Lodrik is derived from the name of their guerrilla movement, “Loe-Drik-Tsuk” (also known as (“Khampa Guerilla”).

You can help.

Although the filming and part funding of Drensol is complete, we need your help to raise enough funds to complete the editing process and get the film distributed worldwide.

What’s more, any money that is raised above the production and distribution target will go directly to the Lodrik settlement where it will help improve the welfare of the elderly Tibetans in the video and many other Tibetan elders just like them. Our winter appeal is also helping to support the Lodrik elders. Please donate today – your gift will make a difference.

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