Winter appeal: Elderly Tibetans face a bitterly cold winter without heating


Thupten needs your help to stay warm!

High up in northern India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, elderly Tibetans are in need of warm clothes to help them face the freezing winter weather.

enchung-croppedThupten, 78, suffers from severe joint pains. He is one of 25 elderly Tibetans living in an old people’s home in Mussoorie. Keeping warm is vital to stop his pain from becoming unbearable. Like most buildings in the area, the home has no central heating, and temperatures are often sub-zero.

We get very cold in winter time and the heat from the stoves does not help when we are walking around outside or from room to room. If we don’t have plenty of warm clothes, we get sick.

Like many of his neighbours, Thupten was born in Tibet and escaped in 1959. He arrived in India half-starved and sick and worked on road construction to survive. This hard physical labour at a vulnerable time caused long-term health problems for many Tibetans. Today, Thupten still has poor vision and joint pains.

With your help, we can buy enough winter clothes to keep all the elders in the home happy, warm and comfortable. You can make them feel cared for and safe.

Knowing that people across the world care about what they have been through makes an enormous difference to the elders’ happiness and wellbeing.

Stay informed!

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