Vulnerable children sponsorship

Location Rasuwa District, Nepal
Type Education

Location and background
The violent earthquakes which struck Nepal in 2015 destroyed thousands of lives. In remote areas such as Rasuwa, many people lost their lives. Countless other families who were already poor and struggling lost everything.

In Rasuwa alone, more than 1,000 children were left ‘unaccompanied, separated or vulnerable’. Amongst them, many ethnic Tibetan children.

Some of these children lost one or both of their parents. Other lost their homes and still more were left in the care of families who could not afford to look after them.

With little money or shelter available, education and schooling dropped off the list of priorities – putting the children’s futures in jeopardy.

How we are helping
We are covering the costs for six vulnerable children to go back to school and complete their education.

Each of the children is now able to go to boarding school where their education, housing, food, clothing and medical care are all taken care of.

With funding for their education these children, who have been through so much already, can have more hope and opportunity for happy and safe futures.

Meet Buddha and Subash

Buddha and Subash’s parents were killed in the earthquakes.

Since then the boys have been through a further terrible ordeal. They were sent to live with their aunt and uncle who tried to sell them into child slavery in Kathmandu.

The young brothers were rescued from this fate by Nepali government officials just in time.

With this grant, Buddha and Subash have been able to move into a good boarding school and are being well looked after. Both boys are thriving both personally and academically. Buddha has even managed to get distinctions in several subjects!

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