Video: Your donations continue to help Tibetans in Bakhang Village, Nepal.

We have been working with the community in Bakhang Village, Nepal since 2008 when we first provided salaries for two Tibetan teachers to make sure the Tibetan language and culture was taught in the school.

After the village was devastated by an earthquake in 2015, your donations enabled us to rebuild the primary school and 15 houses for the poorest families. Now, thanks to your fantastic response to our appeal earlier this year, we are building a new Health Post – something they have never had before. You are also helping provide better nutrition to the children, making sure they have eggs, milk and fruit … and a few biscuits!

We are in regular touch with the community and have heard they are making good progress on the Health Post. Once the lockdown in Nepal is over, we will post an update.

Thank you for continuing to support this community.

Stay informed!

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