Urgent appeal from Nepal

This is an urgent request for your help from Penpa, our Project Liaison Officer in Nepal.

“The lives of Tibetans here are once again in grave danger after a second devastating wave of Covid-19 swept through the country.

The Tibetans I work with are already incredibly vulnerable. They have no legal status, having entered Nepal without visas. They can’t vote or own land, and many worked in the hospitality and tourism industries, which came to a halt during the first lockdown last year.

Families are going without food, require support with their rent – and the vulnerable need medicines. Then there are local businesses who need our help. There is no furlough scheme here.

We would also like to provide teachers with a salary while schools remain closed, and offer internet and data to students, so they can continue with their education. It would be disastrous for a whole generation of Tibetans to fall behind in their schooling.

Please will you donate what you can and help provide emergency support to Tibetans in Nepal?


£11.84 could pay for a month’s food for a vulnerable Tibetan
£30.30 could fund three months’ internet and data for a Tibetan student
£60.60 could pay rent for a single room for one month
£121.20 could fund a teacher’s salary for one month

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