UPDATE: £6000 grant sent to Lodrik Welfare Fund

The Lodrik elders live in scattered communities in Nepal, concentrated in the settlements of Jampaling and Paljorling. Former freedom fighters who devoted up to 14 years to the struggle for Tibet’s independence are now elderly men living as refugees. Many have families who they struggle to support, particularly when their children are of school or college age and need to pay school fees to get an education.

The elders’ lives are often tough and as refugees they are not entitled to a pension like Nepalese citizens. They must face old age while struggling to pay for food, housing, healthcare and their families. The Lodrik Welfare Fund was set up in 1983 to help them do this The stipends given by the fund enable the elders to meet daily expenses, live dignified and healthy lives and give back to their communities.

Tibet Relief Fund has been asked to send support to help cover the cost of next year’s stipends. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we will be able to send a grant of at least £6000 for the welfare fund. This will give security and comfort to the Lodrik elders and their families. It also means the elders can give their children and grandchildren an education. This ensures that future generations have the opportunity to become more self-sufficient and will not have to face the same hardships of old age relying on others for help.

Remember that without your donations we would not be able to provide this vital support, your giving does make a real life changing difference.

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