Tibet Relief Fund annual review: Supporting a village school in Tibet

Grant amount: £5,025

In 2002, Tibet Relief Fund financed the building of a primary school in a remote village in Tibet*. Since then we have provided several further grants to pay for roof repairs, a water supply, bedding, shoes and stationery!

The area is poor and literacy rates for adults are very low; the younger population often leave the village to seek work in big cities. Sadly, having had no education, many end up living hand to mouth in city slums.

The school, which also serves as a community centre, provides local children a basic primary education in literacy, geography, religion, history and music.

Recently five 13-year-old boys were able to continue their education in the Tibetan language and medicine at a monastery in a nearby valley. The village elders are hoping the boys will go on to higher studies in Tibetan medicine and will one day work in the surrounding villages as doctors – a much needed occupation in a village where the nearest doctor is a three-day horse ride away!

Unfortunately the summer of 2014 brought with it a particularly harsh rainy season which badly damaged the school building. Because of the damage sustained, the school was only able to open for two days a week during the winter as it was just too cold for the students.

The grant we sent this year will cover the cost of the necessary repairs, meaning the village children have a warm, safe place to learn. It will also cover the salary of the school teachers for two years and new books and stationery. There will even be enough money left to make sure the smaller children have a hot drink every day!

* To ensure the security of the school and people involved, we have omitted the name of the village.

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