Tibet Relief Fund annual review: Cleaning up Dekyiling

Grant amount: £2,154

We’re pleased to report that you have helped clean up Dekyiling settlement!

There was a major rubbish problem last year for several reasons. The settlement could not afford to employ a driver to collect rubbish and the access fee for the local dump was far too expensive for residents to afford.

Philippa Carrick CEO being shown around the cleaned up neighborhood
Philippa Carrick CEO being shown around the cleaned up neighborhood

Instead, the residents would burn their rubbish, causing toxic fumes to waft around the settlement, or just leave it lying around attracting rats. This created an environment which was unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst.

Our grant of £2,154 enabled the settlement to employ a driver, pay the access fee for the dump and start a regular rubbish collection.

Settlement officer Jampa Phuntsok said

“People have really got into the routine now. On Thursdays and Sundays they will not only gather their own rubbish, but also clean up the area in front of their house in time for the collection. There has been a shift in social attitudes.”

You can see from the photos above how pleasant the settlement looks without heaps of rubbish on the street or being blown around. Your support has helped people take pride in their local environment.

Thank you on behalf of everyone in Dekyiling settlement!

Stay informed!

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