Tibet Relief Fund annual review: £28,256 for Earthquake Relief in Nepal

Grant amount: £28,256

You will all be aware of the devastating earthquakes which struck Nepal in April and May, 2015. Many Tibetans living in Nepal lost their homes and businesses but, thankfully, there were very few Tibetan casualties. Since last spring, we have been updating you on some of the emergency and re-building projects we have been supporting across Nepal.

To date, we have sent the following grants…

£25,000 … to help rebuild an entire village in Bridim, Langtang
£1,920 … in emergency aid
£931 … to provide six emergency sponsorships
£405 … to supply mini weaving looms to handicraft workers in Jawalakhel, Kathmandu

The Langtang rebuilding project is still underway and will be completed soon.

Stay informed!

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