Tibet Matters: Thuk-je-che! (Thank You)

Chungi Sherpa
Thank you for everything you have done to support Tibet Relief Fund over the past year. Your feedback and honesty on even the smallest details of our work are greatly appreciated. Please keep the communication coming! (You can contact me at any time on 020 3119 0041 or email me: [email protected])

You are making a difference to so many Tibetans’ lives. You have rescued the young brothers Buddha and Subash from their desperate plight, you have supported Tsering Dolma through her first winter without her husband and you are now helping to rebuild the home of Chungi Sherpa lost in the Nepal earthquakes.

If you came to see us at WOMAD, thank you! Should you be at the Green Man festival from August 16th – 20th, do come and see us in the Nurture Nature area and enjoy a Meditate for Tibet session.

Your support and engagement will be vital to us and the Tibetans living in exile this year. Thank you for continuing to help all Tibetans. After nearly 60 years, our collective voice needs to be louder than ever!

Sam Butler, Fundraising Director

Stay informed!

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